Productivity at the workplace, and how to improve it through exercise

Improving productivity at the workplace is a goal all businesses have. I could dare you to name one, just one single business owner who wouldn’t like to improve the productivity of its business, these days if we take into account our current situation with the Covid crisis with more people working from home, any way we can find to improve our business is highly sought after.

Now that we are on the same page, we can start talking about how exercise can help your workforce. Exercise on a regular basis (30 mins at least 3 times per week) has been proven to be highly beneficial to increase endorphins, boost our energy levels and improve our mental health and wellbeing. It is known that people with high endorphin levels can have better self-esteem and are more prompt to happiness. Who do you reckon is going to be a more productive employee, a happy one or a stressed one? A healthier one or one more likely to get sick? An energetic one or an apathetic one?

Of course, in real life, it is impossible for anyone to be happy and productive 100% of the time. But, that does not mean it can not be aimed for. As a supervisor, manager, or business owner there are many steps you can take in order to encourage regular exercise on your workforce. It may sound ludicrous to some managers to let their employees work out during the day or during working hours, but a recent study from the Leeds Metropolitan University brought to light the fact that when employees went to the gym during work, they were able to manage their time in a more proficient way, interactions with other colleagues and clients improved, businesses reported staff being more productive, and they felt more fulfilled with their day’s work.

Ok, that sounds really good, but you must be wondering, how can I implement a program like that to my small business? We know most small businesses can’t afford on-site gym facilities or gym memberships for all employees, so we have some ideas on how to improve staff fitness without breaking the bank.

  • Form a company sports team of a popular game among employees. It will promote the health of your employees, it can also help to build stronger relationships among the staff. You can start a five-a-side football team, or a ping pong tournament if you have a spare room or the space for the table. Or perhaps the easiest route is to simply ask which sports do your employees prefer.
  • What about a sponsored walk, or a fitness challenge, like Suck It Up Buttercup 2021. You can kill two birds with one stone, first, you’ll be improving staff fitness, and second, you’ll be creating stronger bonds and relationships among staff.
  • Encourage staff cycling to work. Cycle-to-work schemes have great benefits like, improving wellbeing among the workforce, fewer cars polluting our air, and even more, workers who cycle take have the sick days of workers who don’t.
  • Another good and easy idea is to set a Step Counter Challenge, many businesses now have implemented this approach to challenge workers to find out who is the more active, and you could even offer prizes like an extended lunch break or an extra days holiday. And for employees who might not compete at the same level, you could also offer prizes for the person who has improved the most.

Of course, you could also come up with you own unique ideas that could be a better fit to your business, but the most important thing is to make your employees realize that you care for their wellbeing, fitness and health. All these activities must be voluntary and never mandatory, although, you must encourage all employees to be a part of it and set challenges that everyone can participate in, so no one will feel left behind.

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