Here’s why you should destroy old workplace uniforms

Uniforms from former employees and that are no longer in use should be securely destroyed. This also includes badges, access cards, identity material, etc. If there’s one thing that associates an employee with the values of an organisation it is their uniform. But what happens when an employee is terminated and still possess’ the uniform? […]

Shredding on your own? The hidden costs of D.I.Y Shredding

Shredding on your own? The average office shredder might seem like an inexpensive way to destroy confidential documents but the office shredder can be risky and more costly than you think. There are loads of document destruction policies globally in place for good reason. The impact, especially in a digital age, of becoming victim to […]

There’s still time to Spring clean your workspace before Summer!

Spring has well and truly sprung and there’s still time to ensure your workspace is an inviting, calm and productive place for you to focus. Whether you work from home, part of a co-working space or inside a large corporation you should spring clean and create a beautiful office space that will actually inspire you. […]

Creating an End of Financial Year Office Reset

The end of financial year wreaks havoc in most offices. Administrative staff are scrambling to source information for financial reporting and tax lodgement. Sales staff are madly trying to ink those final contracts before the cut-off. The state of an office at financial year end looks almost post-apocalyptic. It’s as good a time as any […]

Preventing Identity Theft in the Office

Sorting through paperwork in the office may get the best of us at times. All that paperwork, tedious as it may seem, is like gold to thieves who rummage through waste paper to attempt identity theft. A few bits of crucial information can be easily connected to conduct fraud which could threaten your business operations. […]

Recycling vs shredding: having the best of both worlds

We all want to do our bit to safeguard our environment by recycling our waste paper documents. However, by tossing documents into your council recycling bin, you could be leaving yourself open to serious privacy risks. The fact is, security is not a big part of council recycling systems. That is fine for much of […]

5 Things You Should Know About Shredding Services

Many people are naturally concerned about data security with all the dangers attached to confidential information falling into the wrong hands. In offices around Australia, much of the shredding is carried out by clerical workers within the office. Unfortunately, this means that they may become privy to information that is well above their level and […]

Paper: still going strong in a digital age

For decades we’ve been told that printed paper was on the way out, swept away by the unstoppable rise of digital documents. The reality is that paper documents still play a major role in our business and personal lives. For many people paper still has the edge over digital for readability and ease of use. […]

Don’t get shredded by privacy laws!

With so much data being collected by organisations, whether government, business or not-for-profit, it’s no wonder the public is increasingly concerned about how their sensitive information is handled. In the age of social media bad news travels fast, and a business caught out mishandling private data can suffer serious damage to its reputation. Apart from […]

Bust office clutter the secure way

You know the scene: a desk littered with loose documents. It’s unsightly and unprofessional, but with the rise of identity theft and corporate espionage it’s also a security risk. Office clutter is more than just loose paper. Data on CD-ROMs and other media can also fall into the wrong hands. You need a comprehensive service […]