Although data breaches affect multiple industries, the Australian healthcare sector has the highest numbers of reported cases for data security breaches, making it the most vulnerable. We live in an era of digitalization, yet, paper documentation is still the norm of the day. In a bid to prevent cybersecurity breaches and ensure the security of highly confidential data, storing patient records and private information in files locked in office cabinets is still a widely followed practice.

While medical organizations grapple with the protection of their digital data, improper handling and disposal of hard copy records pose an equally high risk of the disclosure of information.

Improper Document Handling and its Risks

While keeping accurate order of patient records and sensitive information is a must, efficient document disposal is crucial for data and space management. Document handling and disposal can be a challenge for any busy organization, specifically hospitals that are accountable for holding records of many patients.

A Data breach is a matter of serious concern which leads to dire legal consequences. Disclosure of confidential data may result in hefty fines and taint the name of the medical facility in question. If the data lands in the wrong hands, it can also pose a threat to the patient or person involved as such sensitive information once disclosed can be misused as a means of coercion or undue influence.

Needless to say, there is a compelling need for a faultless method of disposal that can guarantee the destruction of documents to an irredeemable state.  

Document Shredding Is A Cost-Effective Tool for Document Destruction

This method is the best option if you are seeking a feasible and safe option to dispose of the sensitive documents that are just getting piled up in your office.

Most clinics or offices are equipped with primitive document shredding machines to get the job done. However, basic shredding methods could compromise the safety of sensitive information that is still privy to accidental disclosure. Quite often, these tasks are also performed by the office staff which could also lead to a critical case of data misappropriation and unwanted disclosure of patient information.

Hiring a professional document shredding service using sophisticated cross shredding technology can be immensely beneficial to medical practitioners and hospitals in many ways.

  • ¬†Professional shredding services ensure that all your data is safely disposed of and is safe without the risk of accidental disclosure.
  • Document shredding service providers follow reliable and efficient methods hence completely safeguarding you from data breaches and identity theft.
  • They prevent chances of error and the setbacks of inefficient manual shredding.

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