Identity Theft

IDENTITY THEFT How it happens Identity theft can occur in several ways. It can range from someone using your credit illegally, to having your entire identity assumed by another person and then transactions completed in your name without your knowledge or consent. Important personal information can be accessed by a determined thief. Some examples of […]


PRIVACY ACT 1988 – SCHEDULE 1 Overview of the Australian Privacy Principles Overview This Schedule sets out the Australian Privacy Principles. Part 1 sets out principles that require APP entities to consider the privacy of personal information, including ensuring that APP entities manage personal information in an open and transparent way. Part 2 sets out principles that […]

Destruction of records

Purpose These guidelines have been prepared for personnel in New South Wales public offices who are responsible for arranging the destruction of State records as part of a program of authorised records disposal in accordance with Part 3 of the State Records Act 1998. Scope These guidelines provide practical advice on the physical destruction of […]