Every business and every home produces an accumulation of sensitive and confidential documents over time. Throwing these documents into your standard recycling bin is a big security risk that can leave you, your customers, and your employees vulnerable to a range of attacks including fraud, identity theft, and corporate espionage.

The good news is that securely destroying documents doesn’t have to be difficult. At InterShred we can make it easy for you with our range of document destruction services. We can cater for whatever volume of documents you have and suit the budget needs of your business.

How to choose which service is right for your business

The first matter to address is the volume of documents you have that need to be destroyed. We can either provide 240 litre security bins or secure bags which hold up to 40 kilos.

Bin services are suitable for most offices, commercial sites, and government departments. InterShred can provide a lockable 240-liter security bin for one-off collection or a scheduled document destruction service. We deliver the bins to your location and can provide collection any day for metropolitan areas in all major cities. We can also provide an incineration service for microfiche and microdata with our media bin collection service.

But what if you’ve only got a small team and don’t produce many documents? Then our secure bags are perfect. Designed for small offices and home use, each bag holds 40 kilos of classified and confidential documents. For a single fixed fee, we’ll deliver two secure bags, then return to collect them once full. This pre-paid service gives you a convenient and cost-effective option without having to compromise on security.

Whatever you choose, security is our top priority

Whether you need a single one-off delivery and pick up of two secure bags or a regular and recurring pick up of a 240-liter security bin, we guarantee complete document destruction and secure disposal. We will provide you with a certificate of destruction for each document shredding service. To find out more call us today on (02) 8880 8360 or click here to book a collection online.