5 Things You Should Know About Shredding Services

Many people are naturally concerned about data security with all the dangers attached to confidential information falling into the wrong hands. In offices around Australia, much of the shredding is carried out by clerical workers within the office. Unfortunately, this means that they may become privy to information that is well above their level and knowingly or unknowingly pass confidential information on to the wrong people. For this reason, you should consider using the services of a professional company to carry out the shredding on your behalf. Here’s why:

  1. More sophisticated shredding machines

Many shredding machines in offices only cut paper into shreds which is by no means secure enough in today’s modern world. A professional paper shredding company will use machines that cross-cut shred or confetti shred meaning that it is almost impossible to gain information from. A professional company will only use these types of shredder to protect not only their clients but also themselves.

  1. You receive a certificate of destruction

As we touched upon above, professional companies will want to protect themselves too as they will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction proving that the data has been professionally destroyed. This passes liability onto the shredding company so naturally, they will ensure that everything is destroyed in the correct manner.

  1. Professional companies will be insured

Of course, like anything you can never eliminate 100% of the risk although this risk is kept to an absolute minimum. A reputable company will carry shred insurance with often policies running into millions of dollars. This means that you are always protected should there be a claim.

Never use a company that doesn’t carry insurance. This carries significant risks for all parties. We can’t stress enough that errors are extremely rare but this cover gives you that extra peace of mind that is invaluable. When you are choosing a shredding company, always ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate.

  1. Data kept in locked containers prior to shredding

The storage of confidential data prior to shredding is always an issue. Storing it in containers that everyone could potentially have access to leaves it wide open to abuse. Professional shredding companies will provide their clients with secure containers in which they can keep their confidential data. These are only ever opened at the moment when shredding is about to commence.

It is important to always ask for enough containers to be practical for your workplace so as to discourage any slack practices. Carelessly leaving information in the wrong place is an open invitation to criminals and one which they will seize upon quickly.

  1. Good for the environment

We are all concerned about protecting our environment these days and you will be pleased to know that your shredding will be turned into recycled paper. Your data is professionally destroyed whilst at the same time it is helping to save the environment. This is something which you can promote to show that your business is ethical and conscious about its carbon footprint.