There’s still time to Spring clean your workspace before Summer!

Spring has well and truly sprung and there’s still time to ensure your workspace is an inviting, calm and productive place for you to focus.

Whether you work from home, part of a co-working space or inside a large corporation you should spring clean and create a beautiful office space that will actually inspire you.

Five tips For Spring Cleaning before Summer

1. Declutter

Clearing the clutter is the first step to spring cleaning your office. All the paper that has piled up, the items fallen out of place, leftover bottles of water, you name it.

Go Marie Kondo style and give everything a place to call home. Unless you’re actively using something it should be in a drawer, folder, box or other storage tool. Not only will this keep office clutter to a minimum but it will reduce brain clutter too, perfect for getting ahead this Spring.

2. Safely destroy sensitive documents

The security of sensitive information is a global phenomenon and no matter the sensitivity of your documents, safe destroying is crucial for keeping safe. The best way to safely destroy sensitive documents this spring is to use an experienced and reputable document shredding company like Australian Document Shred.

Documents are cross-shredded and reduced into tiny fragments before being transferred to a paper recycling facility where they will be recycled into new paper products.

Not only will you feel good knowing you’re using an environmentally friendly service but you will also receive a Certificate of Destruction as legal proof all data has been completely and permanently destroyed.

Document shredding is very important

3. Disinfect Regularly

Despite how neat you might be, getting into a habit of disinfecting regularly is essential to prevent the build-up of dust, dirt, food stains and fingerprints as well as general germs.

With a disinfectant wipe, give your desk, phone, keyboard and monitor a wipe down and continue to do this once a week.

4. Divide and Conquer

Organise your space so that it is divided and each place has a clear use. This might be working area in the middle of the desk, storage on the left and below, personal items on the right, snacks on the top shelf and meetings next door. 

Also, label all of your folders for quick reference when needed and arrange them according to what you use the most.

5. Personalise

Adding a personal touch to your office is a great way to remind yourself why you’re working so hard each day. Further adding your touch by having storage compartments in your favourite colours or adding a plant will also help spring clean your office space.

Happy spring cleaning!

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