Creating an End of Financial Year Office Reset

The end of financial year wreaks havoc in most offices. Administrative staff are scrambling to source information for financial reporting and tax lodgement. Sales staff are madly trying to ink those final contracts before the cut-off. The state of an office at financial year end looks almost post-apocalyptic. It’s as good a time as any to schedule an office reset so that the office can be reborn anew.

An office clean-up makes good business sense for a number of reasons:

  • Staff Productivity – Setting time aside for all employees to conduct a little spring cleaning will reap rewards in productivity gains. Studies show staff are 1.5 times more productive in a clean and orderly workplace.1
  • Employee heath – Providing clear steps and policies for clean and uncluttered desks reduces absenteeism and overall health in the workplace. Two-thirds of office-based employees are at risk of illness by not cleaning their desks properly.2
  • Security – Financial and employee data is more commonly left out in the open (or on printers) during significant reporting periods. Having a safe and secure means of storing files and shredding waste paper reduces the risk of company fraud.

Bring your office back in to order after tax time and take advantage of the benefits of a financial year reset. Mentally, it’s also beneficial for staff to dust off the year that was and focus on meeting the expectations of the year ahead.

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