Recycling vs shredding: having the best of both worlds

We all want to do our bit to safeguard our environment by recycling our waste paper documents. However, by tossing documents into your council recycling bin, you could be leaving yourself open to serious privacy risks.

The fact is, security is not a big part of council recycling systems. That is fine for much of the material we typically deposit in our yellow-lid bins, but do you really want your sensitive documents like bank and credit card statements treated in the same way as a beer carton or an old newspaper? Personal data that goes astray could easily fall into the hands of identity thieves and other fraudsters.

Then there’s the issue of recycling itself. Are you sure paper you deposit in your council recycling bin is really being recycled? There is no guarantee of it. Currently Australia’s recycling system is in crisis, with overseas processors refusing to accept our waste material. To make matters worse a lot of otherwise recyclable material ends up in landfill because of contamination by non-recyclables.

There’s a simple way to protect your security and ensure your paper documents are truly recycled by using a professional document-destruction service, like Intershred.

With lockable bins, secure document bags and archive documents we can tailor a solution for individuals as well as businesses of any size. Our facilities are all security checked, giving you peace of mind that your sensitive personal or business data cannot fall into the wrong hands.

All paper documents are shredded into tiny fragments and then recycled into new paper products, destroying all data as well as protecting the environment.

Contact Intershred today on 02 8880 8360 to find out more about our cost-effective, secure AND green document-destruction service.