Server and Networking drives; Computer Hard drives; Memory cards, sticks and drives; CD’s; Bank cards; Laptops; Monitors; Mobile phones; Printers and printer cartridges and much more.


Over 70% of devices disposed of unsafely contain personally identifiable information (PII), personal and sensitive business data. This opens you up to identity theft, privacy issues, intellectual property, business intelligence, financial reports and even trade secrets. Imagine if your competitors got your top selling information and used it to work against you? Picture going to do your shopping and finding out you’ve become a victim to financial fraud?

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Concerned? Don’t be. That’s why we are here. We want to help you avoid these situations by providing an e-waste service. One of our professional team will come out and collect your electronic waste, bring it back to us and we will dispose of it safely and securely; using all the most up to date methods to ensure your information has been completely wiped clean and destroyed. Anything that can be reused will be done so after passing strict measures to ensure that there is nothing left that can be used against you. All PII information will be securely disposed of in a safe way.


Not only are we protecting your security, but by doing this we are helping the environment. Many electronics contain toxic materials including lead, zinc, nickel, barium, chromium and many types of flame retardants. With lead in particular, it can lead to damage of the human body – blood, kidneys, central nervous system and more. E-waste, when left in the hot Australian sun, heats up and releases damaging, toxic chemicals into the air and damaging the atmosphere where we reside! This is one of the biggest impacts to the environment. It can also seep into groundwater, polluting rivers, streams, drinking water and oceans. It also minimises how much electronic waste gets sent to developing countries, therefore enabling them to stay healthy and continue to progress.

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