Document Shredding is more than Shredding Paper

Document shredding Bins

Document Shredding Services

Intershred provides Document Shredding Services in Sysdney starting from $79 per Bin, we offer a full soluion that secure your records while they re destroyed.

Data breaches put your business at risks, when you choose and document shredding services provider you are choosing the agency that is going to assure the correct destruction of the company’s records.

Our Document Shredding Services

Our premium document destruction service in Sydney includes:

  • Bin delivery
  • Bin Pickup
  • Bin’s Track during the transit
  • Police Checked Australia wide drivers
  • Secure Destruction instalations
  • CALL US 1800 001 075


    • Security, Intershred has never had any data breach, we are professionals
    • Premium Service,Forget about dealing with different agents about your needs, we guaranteed you perzonalized service
    • Experience, we are part of a group of companies with 30 year of proven service
    • Support to Australian Economy, Intershred is Australian Owned and Operated


    Protecting Your Identity

    Identify theft is a concern for businesses as it can affect your employees, clients, and your business if your information is not properly managed or destroyed.

    The shredding of documents with a specialized agency like us protects you from identity theft while complying with your obligations under the Private Act Law. This in turn reduces the risk of reputational harm, legal proceedings, and financial damages from the loss of sensitive business information.

    Fines for a data breach can destroy your reputation and your business, business-related to identity theft lost customers credibility and pay expensive fines, don’t take risks and put your mind at peace, Intershred provides your document certification destruction upon request, as a premium company we assure safety over cost, our guaranteed secure process destruction decreases the riks imply in the destruction process.

    Intellectual Property is one of the most valuables assessments of a company, your documents contain valuable information related to it, protecting them is protecting your business.

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