INTERSHRED is one of the leading document destruction and shredding service providers Australia wide. With experience and history of 28 years, we can assure you that Intershred deals with document and record destruction in a very professional manner. Your privacy and confidentiality remain secure in the hands of Intershred. We have taken every security measure to ensure that, from handing your documents over to us for destruction to the actual shredding process, everything is closely monitored; this leaves no room for mishap. Some measures we take to ensure the security of your documents:

  • NSW Police checked drivers
  • Security cameras at our destruction site
  • Locked bins


INTERSHRED has various options available, to provide you with a secure document destruction and document shredding service.

We provide:

  • Scheduled servicing
  • On-call rental bins
  • Load-on-site service
  • Secure bags
  • Media bins
  • Archive box collection

Australian Owned and Operated

Drop Off Secure Bins

We have secure bins for both documents and media ready to be dropped off at your site. You can choose from scheduled servicing, load-on-site or on-call rental bins to be dropped at your business for the storage of your unwanted documents. ORDER YOUR SECURE BIN

Pick Up Secure Bins

Our drivers will collect the bins regularly for scheduled servicing or on request for on-call rental bin service. We also provide a one-off load-on-site service where our driver will bring you a bin, you load the bin with your documents and the driver takes that bin away. REQUEST A PICK UP

Destroy and Recycle Documents

We have a high-security document destruction site in place to securely destroy your documents. Our sites are surveilled by CCTV cameras and workers are NSW Police checked. After destruction of the documents, all paper is 100% recycled. We provide you with a guaranteed certificate of destruction after your documents are destroyed. SCHEDULE YOUR DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION

Here at INTERSHRED we offer document shredding services in:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Adelaide
  • Perth
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra

and a host of other cities and regional areas across Australia. All of our services are fully compliant with current legislation, meaning that all your legislative and statutory rights are protected thanks to our secure disposal.

Fees apply to Metro and Regional areas.